This is a survey site that has been around for about 10 years and is one of the many sites that leads people to believe they can make a living from taking surveys. The site is meant to be owned by Patricia Johnson. However, I am suspicious about the owner when there is no “about us” page, to me this is a red flag.

Paid Surveys At Home (PSAH) give the impression you can earn $20 in 20 minutes. In my review, we will see if this is really based on fact or complete fiction.


What is Paid Surveys At Home

This is another site that provides a list of online survey companies where you can get paid to complete surveys both online and by telephone, participate in focus groups, try new products and even preview new movie trailers.

Basically, PSAH just provides a database of survey sites and you pay to access this list. You can consider it as an intermediary between you and the survey sites.

Who is this for?

This could be for you if you think taking surveys could be a good way of earning some money online. However, before you sign up you should know:

You don’t have to pay to take surveys
Surveys often take a long time to complete (say 30 minutes), for a small reward (say $1.50) The $20 surveys that take 20 minutes don’t exist.$20 for 20 min survey
Often you will start a survey, but you won’t finish because you are not the demographic they are looking for. This means you will have wasted your time.
Survey sites often have a minimum payout threshold, so you will have to complete several surveys with the same company before you will be paid.
These are some of the problems with online surveys. If you are still interested, find some companies with the search engines or other free directories. Above all, don’t pay to join the survey sites.

How does it work?PSAH $5 – $75 take surveys

Paid Surveys At Home have a database of market research companies and before you can start taking surveys you have to register with as many companies as you like. You are recommended to register with 15 to 20 before getting started.

I didn’t bother to register with any of the companies, because normally I get disqualified from most surveys before the end, meaning for me it’s usually a complete waste of time. This is an inherent problem with surveys, you spend maybe 15 minutes answering questions only to be told “sorry you don’t qualify for this survey”

You can find survey sites yourself for free if you search just a little online. Don’t be fooled by the promise of surveys from $5 – $75, this doesn’t exist, the reality is something like 20 cents – $1.50.

PSAHome provide a calculator to enable you to calculate your probable earnings. In the image below, you can see I think I will complete 2 surveys per day for a reward of $1 per survey. This I think is realistic, conversely PSAH include rewards of up to $45. I have never seen surveys for this sort of pay.

Survey earnings calculator

Affiliate Program

This survey site also has an affiliate program and they claim to have paid out more than $2.5 million. If you feel that PSAH is a legitimate opportunity you could promote this program, like many others are doing. It’s probably possible to earn more from being an affiliate than by taking surveys.

Personally, I won’t promote this program as I don’t believe that taking surveys is a good way to earn money online and above all, you shouldn’t have to pay to join a program that provides information that can be found for free online.


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